What’s The Value Of X Within The Equation 3x4y65, When Y=4?


Ascientist studied a inhabitants of workers to find out whether or not verbal reward and/or tangible rewards have an result on employee productivity. B.) verbal reward and/or tangible rewards might affect the independent variable, which is the number of every day duties completed by each employee. C.) verbal reward cthulhu virtual pet stages and/or tangible rewards could influence the dependent variable, which is the variety of day by day tasks accomplished by every worker. D.) the dependent variables, that are verbal praise and tangible rewards, might affect the variety of every day tasks completed by each employee.

Amit discovered and labeled the areas of each of the faces of Which area calculation did Amit calculate incorrectly? The triangular prism as shown. Rectangular face with are… Determine the volume of the cylinder.radius 16ft height 7ft a)448 pi cubic feetb)252 pi cubic feetc)678 pi cubic ft… Which 1991 event signaled the tip of communist energy within the Soviet Union?

Misha has written a multipage casual business report, and she has decided to format it as a memo. Which of the following does she need to do? A header with the date, the read… A linear operate has an x-intercept of -8 and a y-intercept of four. She withdrew $15.each week to pay for swim…

During 2020, $83 of raw supplies were bought, direct labor costs amounted to $67, and manufacturing overhead incurred was $64. Waterway industries’s whole manufacturing prices i… At the start of the month, kimberly had $65.seventy eight.

Is triangle A’B’C’ a dilation of triangle ABC? C.No, as a end result of the hypotenuse of 1 triangle is equal in length to the leg of the other triangle. A radio tower is situated on a coordinate system measured in miles. The vary of a signal in a selected course is modeled by a quadratic operate where the boundary of the sign… Triangle RST was , then dilated, to create triangle ZXY. Triangle MNO was dilated, then , to create triangle YHQ.

Which describes the rotation? 270° counterclockwise rotation 90° counterclockwise rotation 90° clockwise rotatio… The fixed of proportionality is at all times the where k is the fixed of proportionality.