Local Residents Appointed To Judge Seats


Correspondence between Arnold and Henry H. Green (H.H. Green Mill and Elevator Co.), regarding dam development on Grand River and status of flood management. Mentions W.W. Alexander, Mr. Brennan, and Earl Whitnell. Letters from Arnold to John A. Short , Max Schwabe, and Marion T. Bennett, relating to flood control on the Grand River and the Chariton River. Addresses issue of dam building on the Grand River. March 8-15, 1945. Correspondence between Arnold, E. Reybold, George L. Martin , and Thomas M. Robins , relating to standing of flood management surveys/investigations and reports.

Wheeler concerning flood control on Fox River. Letter from Wheeler contains an informal report on the Fox River as acquired from Clark Kittrell and William N. Leaf. From R.A. Wheeler to Arnold, responding to June 19, 1947 letter concerning flood control concerns in Hannibal, Mo. February 2, 1948. From Mr. Brennan concerning standing of surveying and appropriations for flood control on Bear Creek.

7 Letters, 1 Report. January 9-February 6, 1948. Includes a replica of Notice of Report on the Chariton River, Iowa and Missouri.

December 30, 1947. From R.A. Wheeler to Arnold, concerning the Chariton River flood management project. Mentions some particular which of the following business assets is not depreciated? plans (drainage ditches, and so forth.), and briefly discusses contracts. three Letters, 1 Report.

Historical notice that it is the “first occasion in history by which an osteopathic establishment has been approved for a grant from Federal Funds.” Includes copy of March 18, 1947 letter from the National Institute of Health. Letter to Arnold from P.A. Feringa , regarding a listening to to be held on flood management measures. From Margareth N. Brostrup regarding flood control investigations and appropriations for Bear Creek. Mentions Mr. Brennan of the Office of Chief of Engineers. September 9-October 4, 1948.