How To Set A Routine For This Semester


Everyone can make a routine, write down the specifics and follow it. But do you know how you can improve this structure of your routine to improve your class performance and grades? The following tips will enable you to not cram everything before an examination, and work on the syllabus throughout the year while keeping a track of it.

Make use of technology

If you know the LMS full form and ERP full form it is extremely easy for you to know all its features and how you can use these virtual platforms for enhancement in your routine. 

The LMS full form is true to its character, it is a learning management system that helps you keep a track of the assignments you have to submit, upcoming examinations, and be involved in doubt clearing sessions or social events at all times even if you are not going to school. It is very convenient and easy to keep your study materials organized because you’re only using one medium, instead of using multiple applications for the same features available in the learning management system.

  • Time logs

A time log shows how much time you are spending on every activity. The time log can be set for a daily or weekly basis.

For example, students can set a time log on the completion of topics every day, and units for a week or month. It is important to keep a track of how much time you are spending, and whether you are spending a lot of time stressing out over things and not taking enough breaks. After all, giving yourself frequent breaks is important to stop having complete burnout. It is better to spare some time to yourself every day than entire weeks to recover from burnout.

  • Have an everyday notepad

An everyday plan shows you the priorities for the day in chronological order concerning the tasks you have to work on. Here are the following things that must be included in the everyday notepad plan list;

  • Assignment submission and completion if any.
  • Self-study sessions with duration spent on studying every subject.
  • Break time, and recommended productive activities you should do.
  • School activities, including extracurricular activities and communication for some social hours.
  • Religious activities, spending time with family, amount of time you can dedicate to it and not the specifics because you would not want to feel controlled by your routine.
  • Make weekly schedules

A weekly schedule is an overall record of the most important activities. For example, you might have an upcoming project so you will be dedicating the most amount of time to the project rather than socializing a lot, or having long study sessions. You can sacrifice study sessions and socializing because the project carries more marks you will gain a lot by spending time on it since it is also a part of your syllabus, and as the sacrifice, you’re making for just a week or less.

  • Note vacation and break days

You don’t want to set the routine for six months at once, to the most it is recommended for a week. Because you cannot foresee everything that you are going to do for the year, you might forget vacation or break days, or the days on which you have to be at a friend’s party.

Having time for yourself is as important as going to class or studying, because it gives you a sense of confidence in yourself, and makes you realize you’re leading a good life and not one that is heavily burdened by academic activities only. Plus, you would not want to give yourself the hope that you can complete the syllabus in only two months, by ignoring every break time you have.

  • Have weekly reviews

A weekly review is very important to see whether you were able to complete the goals that you had set. If not, and if this keeps happening for a few weeks straight, maybe you need to bring a change in your strategy in how you complete things. 

Pick some feedback from your teacher, or take advice from experienced tutors you rely on. A weekly review will not only make you more productive but also self-reliable and independent. It is like giving yourself a score after an examination.


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