Gurdjieff International Review, Vol Xiii No 2


They expressed love to me like a birth mom would do to their child. When I confronted hardships, they had been those to inform me everything I needed to hear—things that must be heard from a mother’s perspective. (No offense, dads.) No matter what I have accomplished or said, they by no means didn’t acknowledge the nice qualities I possess. To this day, they nonetheless support me in all of my selections and are part of both my successes and failures. I used to see and hear to about all of my friends’ days with their mothers—their blood moms. On social media, posts about how “Mom has been number one since day 1” made me happy, yet they made me sad.

This letter, and three connected notes, check with the most recent distribution check and the one before that. When taking Christmas greens up to Carson’s grave, she seen that Rita’s grave was nonetheless unmarked. She supplied to contribute to the purchase of a gravestone, if essential. This letter enclosed a examine for $7,500 as a distribution on account of her one-third share of Carson’s residuary estate. This letter from Floria directly to Mary Mercer tells her that “I really have sent to your lawyer, Mr. Wolf a examine for $10,000 on account of your share of the estate, which I am sure he’ll forward on to you within the next few days. I hope to see you quickly, well, in New York.”

This letter informs Robert Lantz that Mr. Feldman from the House of El-Dieff will arrive at RL’s workplace to look at Carson’s paper and put together an estimate of what he would charge to make a list. If she is not there when arrives, she asks RL “to be certain that your office is aware of he’s coming, who he is and the place he’s to go.” This letter explains why the estate has not yet been settled and particulars what remains to be accomplished before it can be settled.

It’s true that the majority of these SJW youngsters are upper-middle class or rich so they have the time to indulge of their navel-gazing as a result of they do not really have to work since mommy and daddy are paying for every little thing. And they can afford to main in bullshit like “gender research” as a outcome of they know they’ll never have to work hard. The youngsters in engineering programs or the sciences truly have to work hard.

It is necessary to notice that Dr. Mercer’s here-to-fore meticulous record-keeping started to change round 1995. Detailed item-level notations had been changed by simply inserting related materials in larger folders. Also the makes use of and association of the information modified over the practically half-century that she maintained them—some items, similar to these relating to the purchase of the Nyack house, began life in an estate-related folder and later wound up within the collection “Carson’s House”.

This 6 page typescript deals primarily with Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s suicide attempt that led to her commitment and deportation and Carson’s time along with her in Lisbon as she tried to get a transit visa to return to Switzerland. It also touches on her husband Reese throughout World War II, The Member of the Wedding, and different points. This folder accommodates supplies prepared for a visit by Dr. Mercer to Columbus to see the house skywest airlines flight attendants and to satisfy with Columbus State University workers. It includes photos of her on the Stark Avenue home, each inside and out. These are bulletins for the service closest to September twenty ninth each year for which Dr. Mercer donated the altar flowers in statement of the anniversary of the demise of Carson McCullers.