Global Networked Database Risk Analysis Report

Analysis Report

A risk analysis report is essential for any online company which wishes to be first in the ranking. There is virtually no way to gain a competitive edge against all the other companies when you don’t run risk analysis every once in a while. And you also need to identify that risks exist even within your company setting.

First, we need to discuss global network databases and how they manage to influence online companies. Then we will know about the security you need to enforce for your online company and sensitive data accessed online. It’s one of the hottest topics in all the world and people are ready to devote time and money to make their environment a lot more secure than it used to be in the past.

What is a Global Network Database?

A global network database is all these servers that keep the secure data for your company’s retrieval. You need to have your company data resources easily accessible to your employees. That is a risky business since you need to know that hackers are always a step ahead and can breach the security of any server. When establishing a global network, you need to have computers all around the world. That will give you a real global power to have guards for your network in any country. It’s the only way to keep your intranet secure and the same time have all the shields on in case something bad happens.

How Easy is it To Breach the Security?

There is no yes or no answer to this question. Some systems are easy to breach and break into and some others have complex shields that take days or weeks for a hacker to breach. The most important thing is to educate and train your personnel to use the data resources with care and extreme safety. There is no reason to leave their computers unattended, even when they are home. You should let them know that hackers could be anywhere, and they should always receive hardware assistance only from certified and approved personnel.

Which Are the Risks For Global Network Databases?

Of course, there are several high risks for global network databases. These risks have to do with warms and viruses that may enter the system and perform great confusion. There may be a loss of control, and your IT people would never know what to do in that case. Some other hackers prefer to pretend to be maintenance personnel and get physical access to your servers. That’s why you need to identify each person that comes to work close to the servers and have a constant look at what they are doing when they are in the servers’ room.

Are Risks Elevated As Networks Pass to the Next Generations?

We constantly see wireless data networks pass to the fourth or even fifth generation. That creates elevated risks since any new generation of data transmittance doesn’t come without bugs and security concerns. The worst thing is when data analysts and programmers may sell private information to hackers. That gives them the chance to know the security breach window they can use to catch the information they need. That’s why it’s a good practice to stay in the lower generations for a few months before you engage to the newest ones. That way, you give some time to the system to identify the new risks and fix all the bugs that could lead to data breakage.

Which Are the Top Countries to Have Security Risks?

Security risks are spread all around the world. However, Holland and other western European nations seem to have the biggest security issues when it comes to the servers’ point. That happens because servers are there in great numbers and create networks of free VPN. Many hackers use these servers to hide themselves and their activities. That’s why European nations and Asian nations (especially Malaysia) face the greatest security risks of all when it comes to information breaches that can happen abruptly.

How Can Servers Ensure That Shields Can Protect them?

There is no direct assurance that shields can protect servers effectively. It always needs a human surveillance to ensure that everyone is safe when entering the web. A shield can only warn for unusual behavior in some parts of the server’s memory. This report can come to the hands of the specialized personnel, and then they can give more importance or ignore the warning. It has to be the collaborative action of humans and shields to ensure that there is no chance of data breach from servers. Otherwise, you can expect a total breach that could lead to disastrous effects.

What is The Frequency of Unauthorized Access to Servers?

Such frequencies become more and more apparent for people who are dealing with servers. Today we see a 1000% increase in incidents of an attempted breaches in several secure servers across the world. Some of these incidents may lead to unauthorized access to the server. However, when hackers have access to the servers, they risk having their identity breached. They tend to be smooth and fast to ensure anonymity. People from all parts of the world have become witnesses of cyber attacks on great organizations that cost millions of dollars to repair and may cause legal issues to all the stakeholders for data breaching and lack of security.

Why Is Data Leakage a Punishable Practice for Businesses?

Data leakage ends up being a punishable practice for modern businesses. There is no use in having data that you are not authorized to process when you want to gain access to a new market with other competitors. Even if one of them proves that you had access to data that was not supposed to be seen, you risk having punitive charges, and your company is exempt from any competition for the following years. Data leakage is a part of industrial espionage that most governments don’t accept and need to eliminate for good.


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