Geology 101 Unit 1 Check Evaluation Flashcards


The largest of all intrusive igneous rock our bodies are__________. ________ is the dominant lava erupted from volcanoes on Hawaii and Iceland. A ________ texture could be impossible to happen in an extrusive igneous rock. The rock is crystalline; mineral grains are too small to be visible and not utilizing a magnifying lens or microscope.

They occur within the open ocean, wavelengths are many miles or kilometers and wave heights are only some feet. Rising materials in the mantle spreads laterally carrying the seafloor away from seafloor ridges in the middle of the ocean basin. ________ first related the symmetrical magnetic patterns inseafloor basalts to seafloor spreading at a mid-ocean ridge. They lie on an oceanic spreading middle where two plates are DIVERGING. Most Volcanoes in Hawaii are fashioned through subduction. This is proven by the presence of subduction zones in the area.

________ is the method by which rocks breakdown in place to provide soils and sediments. The latest volcanic exercise in Yellowstone National Park is ________. ________ are normally the most eos fitness murray ample gases emitted during basaltic volcanism. Sulfur dioxide and different erupted gases fashioned aerosols within the stratosphere.

Volcanoes pull the magma out of the Earth and it becomes lava. The atoms in B comprise 17 protons. Are these atoms ions after they bond with each other?

Near Hawaii, the age progression from island to island can be utilized to calculate the movement of the Pacific Oceanic plate toward the northwest. The youngest seamount of the Hawaiian chain is Loihi, which presently is erupting from its summit at a depth of 1000 meters. Image courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey. Rifting and regular faulting are attribute of a________ plate boundary.

In geology, “hotspot” is often an space of ________. Deep ocean trenches are surficial proof for ________. In sedimentary rocks, lithification includes ________. The ________ proposes that the bodies of our solar system shaped at essentially the identical time from a rotating cloud of gases and dust.

Intrusion of basaltic magma causes deep crustal rocks to melt, producing andesitic or rhyolitic magmas. The ________ varieties the comparatively cool, brittle plates of plate tectonics. ________ magma is probably the most plentiful type of magma erupted at oceanic spreading facilities. Cooler, older, oceanic lithosphere sink into the mantle at ________. All of the following are evidence supporting the theory of plate tectonics except for ________.

A ________ is a long-lived, stationary magma source deepin the mantle, well below the bottom of the lithosphere. The fee of seafloor spreading is, on the typical, aboutone meter per year. A typical rate of seafloor spreading in the Atlantic Oceanis ________.

The strong tendency of sure minerals to interrupt along easy, parallel planes is known as ________. The two plates will both subduct underneath each other. ______ was an important 18th-century English geologist and proponent of Uniformitarianism. Describe how an explosive volcanic eruption can create a global cooling occasion. The space of crust immediately above a rising mantle plume is a ________.