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Passage by digestive tracts would not improve germination because viable seeds are nonetheless dormant as a outcome of their onerous coats. Honeylocust seeds have exhausting seed coats of various colors that have an result on period of dormancy. This examine investigated the results of seed coat color on water uptake, germination, and amount of seed components riverstone logistics. The results show that seed coat color had a big impact on seed moisture content, seed coat weight, endosperm weight, water uptake, and germination. In 191 the first patent on the ozonation of a vegetable oil is accepted (US Pat. No. -984,722). Its creator, Alexander Twombly, performed the ozonation of coconut oil to use it as an ointment in the therapy of nasal infections.

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The pattern was randomly divided into two teams of 100 patients each. The experimental group was treated with brushstrokes of ozonized sunflower oil twice a day. The control group was treated with ointments, analgesic and phlebotonic, twice a day. A disappearance of the symptomatology was obtained, as properly as a regression of the lesions a lot quicker within the group with ozonized sunflower oil than within the management group.

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