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I’m a huge fan of healthy living, but I’m also a fan of people who do it. I love to see healthy people taking care of themselves and enjoying what they have. That’s why the folks at planet fitness are the epitome of health. Their mission is to make people healthier by inspiring them to be their own best versions of themselves.

The mission of Planet fitness is to create a world where healthy people thrive. This is accomplished by encouraging people to take care of their bodies by participating in a program called “Lifestyle Challenges.” This program gives people free access to exercise and nutrition coaches who work with them to help them turn their bodies into the lean bodies they want them to be. Because Planet fitness is a company, they also have a gym (also free) where they host fitness classes.

Planet Fitness is a lot of fun. While I’m not quite sure how a corporation could make money from such a thing, it’s certainly worth looking into. The company is currently working on a new fitness app in partnership with Facebook Messenger. The app is called “Gone with the Sun,” and it’s basically a way for people to get fit and keep fit without the need of a gym membership. The app lets people post pictures of themselves doing different exercises and share them with their friends.

The fitness app is actually the company’s first foray into app monetization, having only launched the app back in 2014. However, I’m sure there are plenty of other fitness apps out there that are doing more than just showing off their health and fitness tracking.

This is where the big name in tech comes in. In fact, Google is the biggest developer in the tech community right now.


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