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Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to life in prison for bilking drug companies out of millions of dollars. The case has been highly politicized, with many people criticizing his sentence as unjust. There is also an interesting and controversial commentary in a recent article on the Shkreli story by the Financial Times entitled “The Moral Case for Martin Shkreli.

As of the time of the story, Shkreli has been released from prison on a US$4 million fine, which means he will likely spend a few more years in a drug-dealing jail cell. Shkreli has also been sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in the conspiracy to “financially profiteer” drug companies, and has ordered the arrest of a number of convicted drug-buyers.

It is interesting to see just how many of the conspiracy theories, such as Shkreli being an insider, Shkreli being a dirty drug dealer, and so forth, are actually true. In fact, I’ve seen several people speculate that Shkreli is actually a drug dealer, and not an insider. It’s an interesting theory, but given the context of the article, the idea is kind of thin and speculative, so I would question the validity of it.

Yes, thats right. I mean it could be a dirty drug dealer, or just a plain dirty drug dealer. The article even mentions that the police raided a drug house, so it is actually a drug house. Also, the article says that drug dealers are trying to raise cash to pay for it, so its not just a drug dealer. I mean it could be a drug dealer, but its also possible that the drug dealer is trying to raise money for his next drug deal.

I mean the article says that martin shkreli is a drug dealer, but it sounds like it could just be a dirty drug dealer. Also, the article mentions that his father was a drug dealer, so I think its possible that his father has a connection to the drug dealer.

I don’t think martin shkreli is a drug dealer though. I think he’s just a dirty drug dealer. I mean if he’s trying to raise money for his next drug deal, I think that would be a bad idea. I think martin shkreli would get a lot of attention. I think he would get drug dealers from around the world to try and kill him.

This is all just speculation, but I’m guessing that martin shkreli is in cahoots with someone that is, in fact, a drug dealer. That’s pretty much the only explanation that makes sense.

I think martin shkreli has a lot to answer for, but I cant think of any other reason why he would want to kill me. All I can think of is maybe he thinks I’m an undercover cop and thats why he wants to kill me and then all the other cop’s because they want to be martin shkreli’s next victim.

But as we all know, there are only two types of people: the ones who are in charge and the ones who are dead. I’m sure that martin shkreli, though, could think of a few ways in which he could kill me.

The other reason martin shkreli is so evil is that he’s a very smart guy, so if you want to kill me you’ll have to kill him too. I mean you’d have to kill him, but you can’t kill him. You can kill him, but then you can’t kill him because he’s a stupid cop (who is not, and I don’t mean that in a bad way). So a good idea is to just kill him.


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