la fitness stone mountain

This is the most fun summer workout I’ve ever done. I was in my 30′s when I did it in the early 90′s, and the only reason I did it was because I was having an off day. It was a little hard to do, but my husband and I have done it several times since then.

The thing is, I was a little scared for my health when I did it, but I was a bit amused to see my body reaction to this workout. I looked at my fitness, which was very pretty, and the only thing I could do to improve my physique was to try to get me into those gym classes to see if it was a good idea to do the other one.

In some ways, the Stone Mountain workout can be a bit of a cheat. It’s not a “full body” workout, so it doesn’t really involve any movements that can affect your weight. What’s more, it’s a type of cardio that’s very low impact and that’s hard on your core.

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