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I’ve been known to get so excited that I want to jump in the shower and start showering as soon as I can. Sometimes this is because I’m trying something new. Other times because I have a workout in mind. Either way, after I’ve been showering, I’ve been tempted to check my phone on the spot.

The more I googled, the more I realize that the reason I have started a workout in the first place is because I am a fitness fanatic. There is no excuse for not being on a workout. I get so excited about my workout, it makes me feel good.

And like I said, I am a fitness fanatic. I really should be saying that to everyone. It’s really quite clear that my workout is not just for me. I am, at this moment, doing a 20 minute walk, followed by a 5 minute speed walk. I hate running, but I can’t stand to be in a gym all day.

I’m not a fitness fanatic, but I do exercise. I workout every single day of the week, and I love running. And my workout is actually quite simple. I like to do it in the morning, then I do about 10 minutes of stretching and then I do a couple 5 minute speed walks. I also like to do a lot of cardio sessions in the afternoons.

I have several reasons for this, such as the fact that I’m not always ready for a workout, or that I need to make some adjustments to my workouts. I’m not sure I do this, but I think I have a strong instinct to be able to run the 10 minute walk. Also, I really don’t like to be on a treadmill. I love the way it’s supposed to look, which is a pretty cool look.

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