Kristen Gram


Energy retrofitting of the prevailing dwelling inventory represents one of many main challenges for the transition to a low carbon society, as about 19% of the final power consumption within the European Union pertains to heating of dwellings. Danish homeowners’ experiences with the Energy Performance Certificate are examined, as it was introduced in 1… When putting kylin hill twitter in energy-efficient technologies in housing, corresponding to warmth pumps, the energy savings predicted by technical analyses are sometimes not realized, resulting in a efficiency gap. Interviews with actors in Scandinavia who’re concerned in selling and putting in heat pumps are…

The paper will sum up the findings from a standby project carried out in Denmark over a interval of 2 years involving 30 households. The objective of the project is to confirm to what extent standby losses in household consumption could presumably be affected by direct communication and by use of technical gear to reduce back the standby losses. The discrepancy between calculated warmth demand and measured heat consumption – the performance gap – means that the energy effectivity of homes affects the energy-consuming habits of its occupants. This coincides with the theories of apply describing how materiality affects practices through reconfiguring practical understandings, e.g. comfor… Consumer engagement in the energy system is necessary to make sure a low-carbon transition. However, this has proved difficult as a result of consumers are engaged in pursuing on an everyday basis practices somewhat than focusing on summary questions of energy.

The fourth and last declare relates to a dialogue of co-housing as a extra sustainable alternative especially for people living alone, as the growing number of small households is an rising sustainability downside. The purpose of the article is to contribute to the overall discussions about co-housing and sustainability. The research adds nuances to this discussion and shows that the answer is not as simple as offered in much of the literature. Her research is centered on housing, on an everyday basis life and consumption from a climate and energy perspective. Her research examines variations in household consumption practices and explains these differences inside a perspective of theories of practice that emphasizes the significance of routines and technical infrastructures.

Conducted internal investigations of each a Fortune 25 and a Fortune one hundred company concerning allegations of impropriety on the part their CEOs. Represented Bayer Corporation in a qui tam action, United States of America ex rel. Department of Defense contracts and Bayer’s cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol. After an in depth investigation by DOJ, successfully satisfied DOJ to decline to intervene within the matter. Successfully obtained prosecutorial declinations from DOJ and SEC for companies in vital FCPA investigations. Most latest declinations were for a multinational pharmaceutical firm involving allegations of FCPA violations in Tunisia and for a multinational transportation company involving allegations of FCPA violations in Iran.

Energy use in buildings accounts for nearly 40% of all CO2 emissions in the European Union and different developed international locations. The constructing sector, and especially the housing sector, is usually identified… Conducted inside investigations into “Me Too” claims towards senior officers of several major companies. Lower prices and stop-go policy around 2012 created two distinct teams of households with solar photovoltaics in Denmark – a big group of early adopters , and a smaller group of later adopters (hourly/real-time metered). This paper analyses these teams to characterize Danish PVs prosumer households and determine why they b…