Computer Structure & Operating Methods Last Flashcards


Because a GUI is a program that sits on prime of the OS, it could be referred to as application software program, not system software program. In other phrases, the GUI is software software that makes it potential for the consumer to manipulate parts of the OS. A gadget driver controls a selected sort of device that is attached to your computer, corresponding to a keyboard or mouse. The driver program converts the more common I/O instructions of the OS to messages that the device kind can understand. The boot program masses the OS into the pc’s main memory or random access reminiscence . Written in a low-level pc language.

Data are despatched via a community in bundles known as ________ . All of the next are tasks for community administration of a giant organization EXCEPT ________ . Make the exhausting drive work more effectively On a Windows 7 system you can determine the amount of RAM by trying within the ________ window. Start studying Computer Literacy Practice Exam Chapters 4-6. Learn vocabulary terms and extra with flashcards video games and different study instruments.

D. MS-DOS device driverEach device attached to your pc has a special program called a ________ that permits the device and operating system to speak with one another. So why implement an ERP system? If done correctly, an ERP system can convey an organization an excellent autonomous underwater explorers will be used to gather large-scale ocean information. return on their investment. By consolidating data systems across the enterprise and utilizing the software to enforce finest practices, most organizations see an overall enchancment after implementing an ERP. Business processes as a type of aggressive advantage will be coated in chapter 9.

System software have to be written in a pc language the central processing unit and other laptop hardware can read. Imagine what would occur if your laptop abruptly stopped working. Would you lose any essential paperwork, pictures, or different files?

It was not until the 1990 launch of Windows that Microsoft found success with a graphical person interface. Features such as multitasking, virtual reminiscence, and voice input have become standard options of each operating techniques. A ________ is a tool related to a community corresponding to a printer or a sport console.