anastasia fitness

We’re all just so busy, and we tend to get so caught up in our own busyness that we miss the whole point that is life.

Anastasia is a woman who is obsessed with fitness. Her goal is to achieve the perfect body and perfect figure through the use and obsession of fitness, and her methods are pretty much anything but. Her method for achieving the body she wants starts with an intense workout that is designed to break down her muscles and improve her body composition in a way that makes it much easier to achieve her desired figure. Unfortunately for her, her workout schedule only works when she’s not busy.

The first trailer for anastasia was the latest in a line of films that also feature a female protagonist, an author, and a woman who is obsessed with fitness. A lot of people are obsessed with fitness and are constantly trying to get better, but as another result of her obsession the trailer has a strong effect, showing the results of the series up front.

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